Best Places To Charter A Yacht


Staying in the hotel is far from exciting – period. Yes, you escape to another country, switch your phone off and hope that Internet connection will not keep you up all night with numerous notifications, but in the end, it’s just another week somewhere else. As we said – not that exciting. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people each day tend to choose chartering a yacht for a week or two, and embark on an unforgettable journey, combining an ultimate privacy and breathtaking views into one perfect package. Sounds exciting? That’s because it is – the popularity of yacht charters is on the rise, and we think that everyone out there should try it at least once. Here are a couple of destinations you might consider for your next charter trip, and one simple way you can book it.


Are you a fan of Game Of Thrones? If yes, then look no further(if no – keep reading, you’d still enjoy Croatia for completely different reasons) – a yacht charter in Croatia will definitely create some of the most unforgettable memories of your life. Dubrovnik(used as a set for King’s Landing in GoT), Split or Zadar are famous for its almost medieval looks, and will be perfect destinations for those, who are looking for a quiet European vacation. The tourism industry in Croatia is on the rise these days, so you’d easily find plenty of activities (and small family restaurants with local cuisine) on the shore as well. The crew will be more than happy to show you some hidden islands and underwater caves, so you can finally put that diving certificate of yours to the test.


Tired of glass and concrete of an everyday city? Looking for something more pleasant? Great – cause we have just found a perfect place on Earth for you. Being a center of a Mediterranean tourism, Italy is full of famous sightseeing spots and beautiful cities that you definitely should visit. But when it comes to sailing, there’s really no better place to go than Amalfi Coast – a well known gem along the southern edge of Sorrentine. Whether you are planning to cruise along the shore for a couple of hours, or are going all-in for a week of marine adventures, this picturesque piece of an Italian paradise is unable to disappoint even the most demanding sailor – the weather here is perfect, and lemon and orange groves serve as a perfect addition to you itinerary.


Follow the steps of famous Greek adventurers, and visit the very places you read about in books by chartering a yacht in Greece. Start your journey in one of the many locations in the country, and have a week of exciting adventures, as you hop from one island to the other. Explore the local cuisine, check the selection of goods at the seaside stalls or just admire the architecture of old Europe – there are many tiny island in Greece that are still almost untouched by the expansion of the nowadays’ urbanism, and keep that ancient Greek spirit alive in its buildings, culture and traditions. Sailing in Greece is the perfect combination of modern hospitality practices and old traditions – once there, you will not be disappointed.


Now that you’ve made up your mind about the next destination you are going to, it is time to start planning. Lucky for you, there’s a fast and convenient way to get your yacht charter online, without any phone calls or enquiries. CharterClick lets you book a yacht in 53 countries of the world in mere minutes, and delivers an instant booking confirmation right to your inbox once the payment is processed. You’ll get a direct contact of your captain, along with Google Maps pin of where exactly your boat is parked. Once you have a boat booked, get an idea of where you can go and what exactly you should be looking forward to once on board. And most importantly – enjoy your trip at its fullest.


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