Dubai Transportation

As well as Dubai International Airport, there are other methods of transpot into Dubai. The UAE road network is inconsistent but is reasonable into Dubai city center. Rail is also an option.


Getting Around Dubai

For getting around Dubai there is a fairly good bus service, mini buses and taxis. Most people who are staying for some time make sure they have access to a vehicle, as there isn’t a reliable public transport system beyond the city. Car hire is not too expensive, the roads are in good condition but the rules of the road are not always carefuly observed. Be very careful until you are used to it and be aware that roundabouts are particularly hazardous. as are wandering camels.


When to Visit – Arts and Events

Dubai’s Muslim festivals, held annually on varying dates include Ramadan, the six weeks long religious fast which always ends in the festival Eid al-Fitr. The Islamic New Year and the Prophet’s Birthday are the two main celebrations.


Dubai Dining

Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine consists of the staples ‘fuul’ made from fava beans flavoured with lemon juice, garlic and spices, ‘felafel’ which is fried chick pea paste and lamb or chicken served in pita bread and sold as ‘shwarma’. Houmos is a widely available local speciality and tastes delightfully different from the westernised mayonnaise emulsion version.

Of course it is very easy to find all the old favourites in this cosmopolitan city: pizzas, pasta, steak, salads, shellfish platters, Indian cuisine and fastfood burger bars, but the country’s traditional dishes are well worth sampling. Fresh produce stalls in the souks contain an extraordinary variety of highly exotic colourful fruits begging to be tried. In Dubai, alcohol is only available in restaurants and the more expensive hotels


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